As new and younger voters, we’ll live with the decisions being made right now for the next few years. We need to be the ones making those decisions.

Some of the decisions made in the past few years have affected some of us and our livelihoods.

Vote the right people in so you know who to hold responsible when things are not working.

What kind of future do you want to live in?

What health care systems do you want in place?

How do ensure security for everyone?

How can we get our economy to better support SMEs and you?

What do we need to change the education sector for good?

It’s up to you to vote and decide! You owe it to yourself and your future.

In the 2015 elections, only 33.7% (67,422,005) of the general population registered to vote (only 43.65% of the 67,422,005 eventually turned out to vote.) Source.
Let's increase that percentage for the upcoming election.

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